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The ACVL was founded in 1993. Based in Nashville, TN, the ACVL is a national trade association for the nation’s largest consumer vehicle lessors, including captive finance companies, banks and independent leasing companies.

ACVL members currently originate approximately 80 percent of all consumer vehicle leases in the nation. The Association actively supports public educational efforts and high integrity in all aspects of the consumer vehicle leasing business.

Mission Statement

The Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors is the trade association of major retail automobile lessors who share the belief that high ethical standards of conduct and vigorous competition are the best ways to foster the growth of and public confidence in consumer vehicle leasing.
The Association’s mission is to promote retail automobile leasing; eliminate unfair and deceptive trade practices; increase the effectiveness of members as competitors; and enhance the public understanding of and satisfaction with automobile leasing.
• To increase public awareness, acceptance and understanding of vehicle leasing.
• To promote a high standard of ethical industry conduct that is beneficial to consumers.
• To provide a forum for presentations by experts of topics and issues of interest to the vehicle leasing industry.
• To analyze and discuss laws and regulations which affect the retail vehicle leasing industry.
• To serve as an information network to collect, analyze and disseminate retail vehicle leasing information to its members and the public.
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The ACVL 990 is available upon request.

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